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AV Buddy is the essential app for the AV industry. Whether you’re in audio visual installation, design or sales, AV buddy has many tools to assist you to deliver your project. 

AV Buddy version 9 - Android

AV Buddy is the essential tool for all working in the Audio Visual and I.T industry. Version 9 takes advantage of AR capabilities, helping AV sales to correctly specify the correct display size and help the client to visualise their next audio visual installation. 

Using AR, place displays or projector screens into a clients location. Multiple displays can be placed around an environment. The display sizes range from 43″ – 98″ and the projection screens from 119″-235″. Position the displays to accurately determine the correct size and change the displays image to represent a general image type, a detailed image type and an inspection image type. The tool allows you to take a screen-shot, allowing you to record the size and position. Great for AV sales or anyone wanting to determine what their next display size should be.

The elevation tool will plot a single display elevation, with outlet points, call-out boxes, AFFL and conduit. Select from built-in displays with dimensions or plot a custom display with up to 4 outlets. The elevation is automatically saved and can be converted to pdf to be printed or shared.

Below are various screenshots and videos featuring what AV Buddy has to offer, assisting you in AV design and installation. 

AV Buddy tools and connectors

Education, reference, tools and calculators for the AV/IT industry.

AV Buddy tools and connectors

Use the new cable guide for reference to select the correct cable.

Pinouts include 3D modelled connectors, diagrams and charts.

Wiring diagrams and terminations videos are included to assist you on site.

AV Buddy's AR, elevation and AV calcualtor

Place portrait or landscape displays in the real world using AR.


Plot display elevations with outlets, AFFL, conduit and notes.


Includes 30 calculators  to assist you in design.

Version 9 was a big update for AV Buddy on the Android. It now includes a new UI design, an  AR display tool, an elevation tool, new AV calculators and much more. 

AV Connectors
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